The Emotion Code - A Powerful Energy Healing Technique for Professionals and Parents alike.

Find out what emotion code therapy is, how it works, and how it can help you on your journey of self-discovery, growth, and abundance in 2022.

You’re ready for a new year, and a new you. Upon making self-care a priority (finally), you’ve started checking in with yourself.

(And if you haven’t, now’s the time 😉.)

When you feel disconnected from your intuition, you’re experiencing a lot of powerful emotions, and you’re overall not feeling 100% yourself. There’s something going on that you can’t quite put your finger on.

And you’d be right. There’s definitely something going on – on the inside.

You’ve trapped negative emotions within your body. And that’s risky because trapped emotions have a way of making you suffer (more on that in the next section). The good news is that The Emotion Code technique can help you break free and release your trapped emotions today.

I’m gonna go over all you need to know about Emotion Code Therapy, how it can help you, and why it’s the most powerful energy healing modality for busy professionals and parents, like you.

How Trapped Emotions (Or Energy Blocks) disrupt your life.

Okay, you know that right now you have trapped emotions (also called energy blocks or emotional baggage) within your body. But what does that really mean for you? Why do emotions trap in the first place?

Emotions are simply energy in motion - they need to be felt, experienced or processed to release from our energy field. When we suppress, avoid, reject or ignore our emotions, they are unable to process effectively and they get stuck... aka TRAP in our energy field. Each emotion holds a different energetic frequency and is affiliated with different meridians. For example, anxiety resides in our stomach meridian, where anger and resentment are linked with the liver meridian.

The longer they go unprocessed, the more damage they can cause to your emotional and physical health. They may decide to retaliate against you by:¹

  • Causing you acute physical pain

  • Triggering the development of diseases

  • Keeping you from experiencing happiness and love

  • Making you feel disconnected from others

  • Having you feeling depressed and anxious

  • Inducing panic and anxiety attacks

  • Making you feel powerful emotions (like anger and sadness)

They can even make you self-sabotage, cripple your confidence, and be guided by negative self-talk (or what I like to call your inner critic). If left alone, these trapped emotions can make it so you’re never truly happy with your life, your career, your relationships, and yourself.

If you are, in fact, experiencing any of these symptoms, I honestly can’t recommend The Emotion Code Therapy enough. It’s such a powerful tool to reverse the damage that’s already been done, so you can be happy with your life, have a fulfilling career, and develop healthy loving relationships.

What Is The Emotion Code Therapy?

The Emotion Code therapy (or sometimes referred to as just “The Emotion Code”), was founded by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It incorporates alternative healing beliefs including those surrounding the energy body, Chinese meridians, and the use of many distance spiritual founded principles.²·³·

Dr. Nelson goes very in-depth in his book, The Emotion Code, discussing how The Emotion Code works from the assumption that profound healing can be done from afar by using various techniques to access your subconscious mind.⁵ Just one of those techniques is Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) which comes from the field of Applied Kinesiology.⁶

To put it simply, it's a convenient, quick, gentle, easy, and affordable way to identify areas in your body that need attention. Initial studies on The Emotion Code shows us that it does prove effective in helping those that suffer from depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.⁷

How Trapped Emotions Affect Your Body

Let’s take a minute and dive in a little bit deeper on what you need to know about trapped emotions and how to gain relief:

#1 – You have trapped emotions. First off, I often find that my clients don’t know that having trapped emotions in their bodies is a real phenomenon. But believe me, it is. And it’s important to actually acknowledge what is, in fact, happening.

#2 – Trapped emotions cause you pain. Second, the trapped emotions in your body are harmful to you because they’re negative (low or slow vibrating energies). And those negative energies can cause feelings of depression, guilt, shame, physical pain, and even keep you from experiencing love and happiness.

#3 – To heal, you need to release. Lastly, with negative energies running rampant in your body, it make be difficult to pull yourself out of a slump. It may feel as if you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and you can't get out from beneath the pressure. You're in no state to start healing until you neutralize the negative energies (trapped emotions).

You can do that by using the most powerful energy healing modality available to you: Emotion Code Therapy.

How Does Emotion Code Therapy Work?

Like other forms of therapy, Emotion Code Therapy is performed by an Emotion Code Practitioner, like me. Your practitioner will work with you to identify emotions that are trapped, hidden, or compressed. Then they’ll successfully release those emotions.

When I work with Emotion Code clients, they express that they instantly feel lighter with an immediate feeling of peacefulness once I’ve done my part.

Now let's dive deeper into how Emotion Code Therapy works by breaking it down into 4 main steps.

How Emotion Code Therapy Works In 4 Easy Steps:

Step #1 – Uncover Trapped Emotions:

First, it’s important to understand that your subconscious mind is smart, like a supercomputer. Meaning that your subconscious mind knows exactly what you need to find balance in all of areas of health:

And that’s why, as your Emotion Code Practitioner, I’ll use muscle testing to connect with your subconscious mind and follow the clues needed to release your emotional blocks. Your body is designed to heal once balance is restored.

Step #2 – Identify & Learn More About Your Trapped Emotions:

The next step is to identify which emotions are trapped in your body and learn more about them. Together, we’ll learn things like:

  • At what age did this emotion trap?

  • How was the emotion acquired (Inherited, absorbed, created in your lifetime or in the womb)?

  • Is this trapped emotion related to a key area of your life (work, family, money, love life)?

This part is where I connect deeply with your subconscious. I do that by using specific tools (muscle testing, chart of emotions) to create well thought out questions to get specific answers from your subconscious. So we can learn more about how and where your trapped emotions are manifesting.

Step #3 – Release Harmful Energies (Trapped Emotions):

To restore balance to your life and correct your energy imbalances, we need to release the harmful energies (or trapped emotions) in your body. I do this by using the Emotion Code Technique which involves using modern therapeutic magnets and ancient medicine principles, specifically those that come from Chinese Medicine.

In a nutshell, using my unique power of intention, I’ll clear negative energies from your body so they can’t harm you emotionally or physically anymore. After that, I’ll confirm that these energies were, in fact, released from your body – forever.

Although, typically my clients feel the release immediately as a sense of renewed security and a feeling of peacefulness. Confirming that the release happened, is just for your peace of mind.

Step #4 – Feel Empowered to Live Your Life to the Fullest!

You’ve been dealing with these hidden harmful energies that have been wreaking havoc on your health and affecting every aspect of your life. Just imagine how good you’ll feel to know that these negative trapped emotions are forever gone from your body and your life.

This is the moment when you’ll feel empowered to start living your life to the fullest. Because now you actually can. You’ll no longer have negative energies or trapped emotions holding you back.

Now, all you have to do is connect with a certified Emotion Code Therapy Practitioner. Someone who’s professional, calm, and empathetic. Someone who actually delivers results for their clients using Emotion Code Therapy.

Find an Emotion Code Practitioner You Can Trust

Finding an experienced Emotion Code Practitioner you can trust doesn’t have to be hard.

Before you make a decision, I would make sure that they are in fact, certified to practice and that they’re approach aligns with you and with what you’re currently going through.

As for me, my approach aligns best with those who are high-performing professionals and parents. I understand the unique pressures this population must endure – because I went through it myself in corporate America.

You see, I know you might be someone who’s desired change before. But you did not find the changes you wanted using traditional talk therapy (you know, the therapist + the couch scene).

I offer a unique approach that boasts powerful results.

Emotion Code Therapy works by healing both the limiting beliefs of your mind and the energetic blocks around your heart. With this approach, I have found the secret recipe for true and lasting transformation.

This may sound too good to be true, but all of my work is grounded in neurology and Chinese Medicine. Some may shrug it off as “woo-woo” but these are time-tested approaches that consistently bring transformative results.

What to Expect & FAQ

Our first Emotion Code Therapy session together is sure to be magical. But I know that you might have other questions like how you should prepare, how many sessions you need, and what happens after your session.

How do I prepare for an Emotion Code Therapy session?

To prepare for your Emotion Code session all you have to do is set an intention and show up. You don’t need to do anything special to prepare. You see, I’ll be doing all of the work while you feel the powerful effects of this energy work.

How many Emotion Code sessions do I need to achieve results?

While many clients see results in just one session, each person and condition is unique and the number of sessions is based on the complexity of the issue.

What happens during our session?