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Shelly, Real Estate Agent

Weight, Relationships

Life changing is an understatement.
RTT was like clicking a reset button on my life. I was able to release negative energy that held me back, so I could move forward in my life. It has allowed me to see things more clearly, to forgive, love, and appreciate, the people in my life. I am able to have love, joy and abundance in my life. I have referred friends...and it has changed their life as well. Amy is amazing to work with.
She is honest and caring.


Chris, Lawyer


I've just finished three terrific weeks of transformation! During the session, some things became so obvious that I never had realized before -- things that were really hindering me from accomplishing a lot of personal and professional goals. The very first day after my session with Amy was truly a turning point for me. I've been getting up with my alarm clock at 5:15 every morning and hitting the day running. This is amazing because I have never been a "morning person." I would hit the snooze about five times every morning and waste a lot of time being non-productive all day. I feel like I have put that self-sabotaging behavior behind me. My morning routine is so different now and sets such a positive tone for the rest of my day. I'm so glad that I gave this a try and have made the investment in me. I really wasn't sure whether RTT would make a difference but it is the single most effective thing I've done for myself in years.
Thanks, Amy!

Anxiety + Food addiction

Julie, Chemist 

Anxiety, Food addiction

I immediately felt like my brain was working differently and still is! I feel lighter, happier, FREE. I am already being more positive and seeing beauty and magic in my life. Before, I felt stressed all the time and that there was a dark cloud over me that I couldn't escape. I haven't touched any diet pop or sweets and its been EASY! Any time I have tried to quit before it has been such a struggle. I am naturally grabbing healthier food options to take to work. RTT is magical and I told my husband I am so excited to resolve even more issues with this therapy. Thank you so much for your help. You are truly gifted!

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