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This course is designed to help you reconnect with yourself, your partner and your kids. During this course we will take a deep dive into understanding: •. The neuroscience on how and why you acquired these behaviors •. How your mind 'adapted' and created its own unique survival strategies •. How those strategies are helping (or harming) your current relationship •. What to do to repair the relationships with those you love most •. Actionable connection strategies that really work! This course is for you IF you: •. Constantly compare yourself with others •. Struggle with conflict or constructive communication •. Struggle expressing emotions (fight, flight or freeze) •. You push others away (extreme independence) •. Have problems trusting or relying on others •. Judgmental of self and/or others •. Struggle setting healthy boundaries •. Exhibit unpredictable or compulsive behaviors •. You need constant reassurance or external validation of your self worth •. You crave emotional intimacy but struggle receiving it when its given •. You struggle authentically connecting to your partner •. Feel controlling, jealous or needy You're not alone! These are common conditions rooted in childhood programming.

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